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4th Mobile Payments & Banking Summit for Greater Mekong & Emerging Markets
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06/12/2013 - 12.AM:00
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06/13/2013 - 12.AM:00
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4th Mobile Payments & Banking Summit for Greater Mekong & Emerging Markets
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Your roadmap to embrace & leverage on the power of technology for financial transactions in Emerging Markets

Banks, financial institutions & MFIs in emerging markets such as Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Kenya etc are developing innovative banking to bring services to communities in areas that have been traditionally underserved, such as townships and rural areas. And mobile is not just another channel, it is fast becoming the first choice for many consumers to access financial services - especially in economies with a huge unbanked population

Technology is a key service differentiator. E-banking is flourishing in emerging markets with banks spending their IT budgets on internet and web related banking technologies. However, the challenges remain with incorporating technology and streamlining processes to drive down costs, increasing product innovation and even more so with raising customer service levels through new e-banking strategies.

At the 4th Mobile Payments & Banking Summit for Greater Mekong & Emerging Markets, the industry stakeholders will be converging in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to assess the opportunities, share experiences on how to design, establish & operationalize mobile payment solutions, evaluate technology & challenges, discuss IT strategies to drive revenue opportunities, cost efficiencies and to transform the customer retail banking experience of the economies of South East Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Oceania.